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WizeOption is the world leading binary option trading platform provider. As many investors shifted to binary option trading, WizeOption offers them the most effective and reliable tools to help them excel in their business. Traders enjoy their easy to use tools, education, security, and other useful features they offer. Their platform is such acceptable that both private and institutional traders use it all over the world. They have experienced staff that provides guidance and twenty hours support to their customers. Their trading platform makes option trading easy and profitable.

If you are a binary option trader, you can consider using WizeOption trading platform, because of benefits you can derive from them such as diverse products, web based trading platform, which means that you do not need to download anything before you can trade. Traders enjoy special perk such as ten percent returned out of their investment.

The software can be used for any type of trade include currency trading. Because it is easy to use, you are not required to be experienced before you use their software. Even a novice can find it easy to use as it is simple to understand them. The software offers various features and trading tools.

One of the financial assets often traded in the binary options includes forex. WizeOption encourages traders to invest in popular currency pairs in the market, and this could earn them huge amounts of money within a short time. Most of the popular currencies they offer have a leveraged security. This means that you can cut down on losses while maximizing your level of profit. Before you execute the call action, it is necessary to study the market very well and decide whether the market is moving upward or downward. You can buy a call when you believe that the market is rising. If on the other hands the price is falling, you can buy put. It is important that you make your research before you place a buy to call order or buy to put order. The software would guide you.

Other AssetsIf you use the trading platform, you have to specialize in one type of asset, as there are risks involved in trading various assets. You have to consider those assets that are high yielding. Many assets available today are profitable and that is why binary option is becoming the best for investors.

You should bear at the back of your mind that binary market always fluctuates as well as the prices of various assets traded. Irrespective of any asset you want to trade, it is necessary that you consider the world events that could affect the prices of such assets.

You can trade on other assets. The most common among them is stocks, currency pairs, indices, as well as commodities. Volatility of the market is the major concern if you want to trade commodities using this platform. The margin requirement for trading various assets is not the same thing. If you want to trade commodities for instance, you should have over one thousand dollars margin. Various commodities can be traded such as gold, oil, indices, corn, bond, and so on. You have to pursue the same goal when you are trading commodities because you work towards above and below the cost price for a certain amount of time. You should have a strong background for you to make enough money from trading any asset and WizeOption would make everything possible for you.

Trading binary option online means that you should get help anytime you need it from WizeOption. You have to register a trading account with them. WizeOption provides support for binary traders through various means. They can be contacted through email. They can also be contacted through chat method. You can reach them through the telephone. They are the leaders in the industry, because of the quality of support service they offer to their customers. You get support anytime you contact them.

Binary option trading offers unique opportunities for investors. You can make the most money out of it if you trade with the right brokers. WizeOption has the most-friendly trading instrument, which would make you profit from your investment. You have seen the various options they provide, which you can hardly get elsewhere. If you want to reap from the opportunities provided by binary option trading, make WizeOption your choice.
Reviewed by: May Alexander

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Wize Option Welcome Bonus
Deposit Bonus:
100% up to $10,000
Deposit Bonus Information:   (Updated: 06/12/2016)
Open an account and receive a bonus - Welcome bonus. You have to take advantage of bonuses and promos offered by WizeOption to invest in their platform. They offer the friendliest trading platform and the biggest trading margin. You can compare their bonuses and promos with others and you would see that WizeOption offers the most bonuses of them all.

1) The 'Starter' account is for first deposits up to $500. Customers receive a 50% match bonus.

2) The 'Standard' account is for first deposits up to $5000. Customers receive a 75% match bonus and 1 insured trade up to $400.

3) The 'Silver' account is for first deposits up to $10,000. Customers receive a 100% match bonus and 3 insured trades up to $700 each, and free trading signals.

4) The 'Gold' account is for deposits over $10,000. Customers receive a 150% match bonus, 5 free trades up to $1500, free signals, and more. Sign up and contact your broker for a full list of benefits.

"Wize Option" User Comments

Jason More

Wize Option

  (Score: 5 out of 5)

"Great and reliable company to work with. deposited 250$ to test the company.
We made a profit of 170$ witch I withdraw. I upgraded my account to the gold level with 10k$ deposit and we already have about 16k$ with 2 withdraws.

Posted: October 26th, 2015

Wize Option

  (Score: 5 out of 5)

"I have no complaints, started with a 1000 $ account, got to 3000$, made already few withdraws.
Very reliable platform"

Posted: October 22nd, 2015
David White

Wize Option

  (Score: 5 out of 5)

"One of the top websites I ever worked with, The brokers are amazing and making their job correctly. They were helping me to recover loses in other companies and also thought me how trade and now I am being able to open trades by myself, analyze the market and make money by self.
I am very happy from the nice and honest treatment that I am getting on WizeOption and I am truly recommends to trade with them!"

Posted: May 15th, 2015
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