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This Trading Platform is Giving a Jaguar Away!

InstaForex is offering people a rare opportunity to actually win a spectacularJaguar F-Type. People could have been competing since October 27, 2014, and they have until October 31, 2016 to win. Competitors just need to deposit $1500 into their new trading accounts with InstaForex. They must then register on the contest page at the website. Everyone is equally likely to win. This is an exciting game of chance and a great bonus for Forex traders... Read More

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Posted by on 10/27/2015

Win up to $4000 in the 'Fast and Glorious' Competition

Fast and Glorious is a competition at Hot Forex [read review] for registered traders. Registration begins from the 19th of August to 20th of November this year. While the competition starts on, 1st of September and ends on 20th of November. The traders will receive prizes according to rank one to six. The prizes are 4000 USD, 2500 USD, 1500 USD, 1000 USD, 600 USD and 400 USD from one to six respectively. To qualify, a trader must deposit over 100 USD to the competition platform with an allowance of creating more accounts also with not less than 100 USD ... Read More

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Posted by on 10/11/2015

Trade Risk-Free? Learn About Protected Accounts

Traders who work with UFX can now get protected accounts. Their first trades through UFX [read review] will be risk-free trades as a result. Traders get five trades protected if they deposit 2,000 dollars or less. Traders get ten trades protected if they deposit 2,000 dollars or more. The personal trading consultants of UFX can give traders all of the information that they could need on this offer in order to make an informed decision. ... Read More

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Posted by on 10/06/2015

Looking for the Lowest Spreads? Start Trading with a Zero Spread Account

People who are tired of the hidden costs and problems involved with online trading should consider opening a Hot Forex [read review] Zero Spread Account. It only takes a minimum deposit of $100 in order to get started, and from there, people will be on their way to more efficient trading. The system is transparent, the commissions involved are low, and the spreads have no markup attached. This is a great opportunity for all traders... Read More

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Posted by on 09/27/2015

Trade Binary Options with a Demo Accounts, Real Account, or VIP Account

The trading accounts in IQ Option [read review] each have advantages. The best account to sign up for is the VIP account which has the minimum deposit of $1000. Among the advantages of the VIP account are 1 day withdrawal processing, personal managers, and a monthly trading analysis. Right behind it is the Real account which processes withdrawals in 3 days and has a minimum deposit of $10 to get started in trading. For beginners, there is the demo account for practicing... Read More

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Posted by on 09/17/2015

Have a Mobile Phone? Get $30 Free

The no deposit bonus of $30 at XM [read review] is very convenient for new users and is very easy to get. All that is needed is for the user to open an account, click the claim bonus button and complete the process of SMS verification. Their account will have $30 credited instantly so that they can trade and make big profits. This reduces the risk factor for a lot of traders. They have more room to bring in the profits that they are hoping for... Read More

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Posted by on 09/17/2015

Boost Your Trading Capital with This Welcome Bonus

ETX Capital [read review] is now offering a deposit bonus of up to 40% for new accounts. Take advantage of this bonus and make tons of profits from trading one of more than 5,000 pairs. With a leverage amount of 400:1, this makes it easier for people with very little capital to earn money from their trading accounts. They also have the option of adding an asset to an individual account as requested. Sign up today with this FCA approved broker and take advantage of this generous welcome deposit bonus ... Read More

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Posted by on 09/01/2015