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1000 Prizes Up For Grabs In 'New Year' Tournament

IQ Option [read review] has recently started a promotion wherein users of their binary trading platform may win cash prizes, depending on how much they trade. The (roughly) $200k prize is to be split among 1000 people. The higher ranking traders will get a significantly larger portion of the prize money the those of a lower rank (the first place contestant will take home about 200 times as much as the last place contestant).

To take a crack at the competition, all you need to do is trade through their platform. IQ Option [read review] gives no way of knowing what other competitors are trading, meaning you'll have to trade as much as you can to climb the ranks and hope for the best.

The trades are all counted up on December 31 when the winners are picked. After winning, you'll be able to withdraw your prize funds immediately. To get started, head over ... Read More

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Posted by on 12/21/2015

Forex Social Network Allows Traders to Connect All Over the World

Hot Forex [read review] Social enables securities traders to connect with each other all over the world by building and owning portfolios, interact and exchange vital information about different markets. The services is online through HotForex. One is required to stay connected for any updates on information regarding the securities markets. Securities traders will track information about different markets with ease.

Securities traders are required to sign up for HF Social in the first place. Upon signing up, one is required to stay connected, build a working portfolio and strategies. Securities traders will keep track of successful traders, filtering them to meet their preferences. In addition, traders create and control their own portfolios via HF Social.

Security traders qualify to signing up for Hot Forex [read review] .Traders are however, advised to be careful and seek expert opinion before offering their commercial fixed deposits for trading. If in doubt, seek advice before exchanging any security. ... Read More

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Posted by on 12/03/2015

Earn Loyalty Points on Every Trade

Every time you trade with your XM [read review] account, you are rewarded loyalty points, just like with a credit card. These points can be redeemed for credit bonuses or cash. The more you earn, the better your rewards become... Read More

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Posted by on 11/13/2015

Join One of the Top VIP Programs in Options Trading

OptionsClick [read review] is offering traders the opportunity to get VIP accounts that are tailored to their needs. Traders will only need to register with a free account with OptionsClick in order to get all of these benefits. The customer service staff at OptionsClick can then help them decide on the exact VIP account that they want. These accounts will vary based on the trade value, amounts, and habits of the traders in question, and they have numerous additional benefits attached. ... Read More

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Posted by on 10/29/2015

This Trading Platform is Giving a Jaguar Away!

InstaForex is offering people a rare opportunity to actually win a spectacularJaguar F-Type. People could have been competing since October 27, 2014, and they have until October 31, 2016 to win. Competitors just need to deposit $1500 into their new trading accounts with InstaForex. They must then register on the contest page at the website. Everyone is equally likely to win. This is an exciting game of chance and a great bonus for Forex traders... Read More

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Posted by on 10/27/2015

Win up to $4000 in the 'Fast and Glorious' Competition

Fast and Glorious is a competition at Hot Forex [read review] for registered traders. Registration begins from the 19th of August to 20th of November this year. While the competition starts on, 1st of September and ends on 20th of November. The traders will receive prizes according to rank one to six. The prizes are 4000 USD, 2500 USD, 1500 USD, 1000 USD, 600 USD and 400 USD from one to six respectively. To qualify, a trader must deposit over 100 USD to the competition platform with an allowance of creating more accounts also with not less than 100 USD ... Read More

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Posted by on 10/11/2015

Trade Risk-Free? Learn About Protected Accounts

Traders who work with UFX can now get protected accounts. Their first trades through UFX [read review] will be risk-free trades as a result. Traders get five trades protected if they deposit 2,000 dollars or less. Traders get ten trades protected if they deposit 2,000 dollars or more. The personal trading consultants of UFX can give traders all of the information that they could need on this offer in order to make an informed decision. ... Read More

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Posted by on 10/06/2015