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Gain An Advantage With Three Hot Trading Indicators From HotForex

There's great news for Hot Forex [read review] clients because Trading Central now offers you access to three great sets of trading indicators that will help you make the most out of every trading position to give you an advantage.

Here are a few helpful Trading Central Indicators which you can find by visiting the Trading Tolls section in myHotForex:

Risk Management Tools
Probabilistic Market Classifiers and Probabilistic Stops tools take uncertainty out of the decision-making process.

Indicator Lab
Develop your own trading systems and back-test your strategies with the indicator lab.

Alpha Generation Tools
Adaptive Candlesticks Indicator, Analyst Opinion Indicator, and Adaptive Divergence Convergence Signals help improve your investment returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

Your Trading Central indicators are easy to choose and download with a simple click the on "Trading Tools" icon when you sign in to your Hot Forex [read review] Client Area.
Posted by on 03/24/2016

Free Forex Contests - Test Your Trading Skills & Win Cash Prizes

Forex traders everywhere - don't miss out on this opportunity! For absolutely zero risk, users of the XM [read review] Forex trading platform all have the chance to win anywhere between $5000 and $20,000 over the next month. Based entirely on how much you trade, you can be awarded five thousand dollars at the end of each week. The more you trade, the higher your chances of winning are. Entering the contest is as easy as creating an account over at XM and trading. The entire process is free and joining takes a matter of minutes, so what's ... Read More

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Posted by on 02/18/2016
Currency Wars

Test Your Binary Trading Skills Against Others and Win up to $2000

Option Trade [read review] is having a huge binary options contest called "Currency Wars". Currency Wars allows clients of OptionTrade to put their shrewd binary options trading tactics on display. A simple deposit of $200 into a new account makes every OptionTrade client eligible for this exciting "StarWars" trading contest.

The contest begins on January 18, 2016 and will end on March 18, 2016. Cash prizes will be given to the top five traders. The top five traders will receive the prizes listed below.

-First place trader will receive $2,000

-Second place trader will receive $1,000

-Third place trader will receive $500

-Fourth place trader will receive $300

-Fifth place trader will receive $200

Only clients of Option Trade [read review] can enter this binary options trading contest. Contestants are also required to deposit $200 in a new account. Rankings will be updated daily. This gives contestants an opportunity to see how well they ... Read More

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Posted by on 02/04/2016

Trade With $20 Free For Verifying Your Number

XTrade [read review] has a free bonus offer that just takes your phone number to get! The $20 free Forex bonus offer is available now and you simply need to gain access to the bonus by verifying your account. Once you have logged in and receive a SMS text message with your $20 code.

When you verify your phone by logging into your account and selecting phone verification, you can then submit a phone number that is valid via a code received from an SMS message. You will then receive a $20 cash bonus, as long as you have 300 Xpoints. The cash bonus will then be credited to you via your equity and this can be used ... Read More

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Posted by on 02/02/2016

Let the 'Currency Wars' Begin: Trading Contest Set to Pay Off Big

Forget 'Star Wars'! Financial traders should head over to Hot Forex [read review] in order to participate in their Currency Wars contest instead. The contest will be held from January 1, 2016 to March 18, 2016. Participants can register from December 17, 2015 until March 18, 2016. From there, they will be on their way to six different high cash prizes out of an $80000 prize pool.

The $40000 first prize should be more than enough of an incentive for anyone to enter this trading competition. However, even the sixth prize is an impressive $2000, and the first three prizes are in the five figures. Traders are only going to need to come up with minimum deposits of $250 each in order to compete. New traders will need to open accounts with HotForex, but they won't have to do anything else. Everyone is going to have an equal chance in this trading competition from that point onward. After that, the trading competition just comes down to individual stamina, skill, and ... Read More

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Posted by on 12/26/2015

Get Your Free eBook & Perfect Your Trading Strategy

UFX [read review] is an organization renowned among Forex traders of all types. Lately they are reeling in new traders from around the globe with their current promotion. The promotion in question gives visitors a free eBook all about Forex trading tips, tricks and strategies. Along with the eBook, readers are also given access to a 100% free demo Forex trading account with $10,000 to practice any strategies they pick up on in the eBook. Whether you're new to UFX or have been trading as long as it's been operating, the eBook and demo account are certainly great tools which everyone should take advantage of - the strategies within the book were designed by the experts.

To get in on the promotion just go to UFX [read review] fill out your email address (one which you regularly use) and your desired password to your free demo account. Upon doing so, you'll be granted access to said account along with ... Read More

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Posted by on 12/24/2015

1000 Prizes Up For Grabs In 'New Year' Tournament

IQ Option [read review] has recently started a promotion wherein users of their binary trading platform may win cash prizes, depending on how much they trade. The (roughly) $200k prize is to be split among 1000 people. The higher ranking traders will get a significantly larger portion of the prize money the those of a lower rank (the first place contestant will take home about 200 times as much as the last place contestant).

To take a crack at the competition, all you need to do is trade through their platform. IQ Option [read review] gives no way of knowing what other competitors are trading, meaning you'll have to trade as much as you can to climb the ranks and hope for the best.

The trades are all counted up on December 31 when the winners are picked. After winning, you'll be able to withdraw your prize funds immediately. To get started, head over ... Read More

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Posted by on 12/21/2015