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Binary Trader Turns $201 into $16,657

Binary Trader Turns $201 into $16,657

The month of May had a lot of traders who made profit on the Ayrex [read review] binary platform, but there were three, in particular, that were able to stand out from the rest due to gaining the most profits: Yusri A. from Malaysia, Iman T. from Indonesia, and Marco P. from Italy. Nobody can deny that the binary options trading field is of high risk, but their success stories prove that meaningful rewards can come your way if you undertake the proper steps.

Best Increment

When it comes to who had the best increment in the binary trading arena, it was no other than Yusri. This trader's favorite asset was GBP/USD. The profit percentage gain of this trader was 8257%! He turned $201.00 into $16,657.00.

Fastest Growth

Iman had the most rapid growth. It all happened in just four days for this trader. The option type was short term, and the favorite asset was EUR/GBP. This trader turned $41.00 into $1,795.00. Quite incredible!

Biggest Outcome

Italy's trader, Marco, got the biggest outcome. He turned $9,418.00 into $27,125.00. This trader's rise happened quite fast. His favorite asset was EUR/USD.

Be Part of the Success!

You can definitely be part of the success, and thus, be one of the top traders of this month. With the stats that Ayrex [read review] provides, you can improve your trading strategies in order for you to profit even more than what you already are right now.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 06/22/2017

Join a Free Group Webinar and Learn More About Forex

XM [read review] is a member of Trading point group, it's a company that deals with forex trading internationally. Known for offering quality services to their wide range of clients in their vast trading services. They have decided to come up with an initiative on conducting webinars.

The Webinars details

They will be taught in 18 languages by 28 Webinar Instructors, within a period of 6 days. Each language will have different instructors and will be taught by various instructors at separate times, which will take place on 25th April 2017. It will be under instructions of Tradepedia at 17:00 (EEST), where they will teach individuals with interest in support identification and resistance points on your charts. Here you will learn what these points mean.

Being a company that has had significant success in the foreign exchange industry. You will be able to establish a strong foundation in technical analysis of markets. So that you access this webinar, you must register. First, by keying in all your personal information such as your name, email, location and phone number.

If interested in attending the webinars you should expect so much from the XM group. It's a renowned company, known for keeping the client's priorities first ... Read More

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Posted by on 04/19/2017
Binary Tournaments Allow You to Profit Big with a Minimal Investment

Binary Tournaments Allow You to Profit Big with a Minimal Investment

Join IQ Option [read review] for the best binary tournaments online! A tournament is a competition that takes place between traders. Every participant obtains a tournament account, which will contain the same amount. Complicated rules are nonexistent in these tournaments. The participant with the most money at the end is the one who wins! The best traders usually divide the prize pool among each other.

IQ have some tournaments where participants are allowed to reload their account balance by depositing original amount inreal money. The number of rebuys allowed, which are totaled and integrated to the prize pool, are unlimited when the current profit and balance from open positions are lesser than the starting balance.

When the tournament hasn't started yet, nothing will happento one's account until it does, but participants will still be visible in the list. Once the tournament begins, according to the balance on the participant's accounts, the list will adjust.

Participate in FREE tournaments at IQ Option [read review] with the chance to win real cash prizes!

If one ends up being awarded one of the prizes in the binary trading tournament, one's winnings would be credited to one's account once the tournament comes to an end. In most cases, this tends to occur instantly, but in some situations it can take a few minutes or up to an hour, which is not bad at all if one stops and thinks about how things in this aspect function in other types of tournaments.

This type of tournament is very simple to get the hang of, hence its popularity. In recent years, more people have decided to join, and it seems like this is not going to change anytime soon. Traders tend to have a great time while learning more about this field that keeps changing in different aspects. Get started now at IQ Option [read review] !
Posted by on 04/05/2017
Take Advantage of the SmartTrader Tools Package

Take Advantage of the SmartTrader Tools Package

SmartTrader tools package from Vantage FX [read review] bests nearly any advanced institutional trading platform in the market. It executes very fast and is a fully transparent trading tool. It has many advantages over the competition.

The Trading Tools

It has an alarm manager which will notify you all the market updates via SMS, pop-up or e-mail. The Market Manager feature allows you to personalize your market watch window with different options.

SmartTrader tool package also has features like correlation matrix and correlation trader which is so flexible and user-friendly. You can just see the correlation scores and patterns at one glance.

It also has Excel RTD link which allows you to use Excel rules for trading. Session map is integrated into the tool to know your location and shows upcoming calendar events.

How to Begin?

You can create a live account on Vantage FX [read review] with a minimum fund of $ 1000 and ... Read More

Learn More About SmartTrader Tools
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 02/28/2017
Get the MasterCard that Integrates with your Trading Account

Get the MasterCard that Integrates with your Trading Account

XTrade [read review] is now offering a Prepaid MasterCard that integrates seamlessly with their trading platform. It's a fast and convenient way for traders to utilize their earnings. With instant approval and cash prizes and gifts for members, this is a great credit card to have.

Through Xtrade's new card, members can access their funds any time and anywhere. This includes ATMs all over the globe. Read More

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Posted by May Alexander on 01/20/2017
Win Cash Prizes in These Free Binary Contests

Win Cash Prizes in These Free Binary Contests

Very few trading competitions ask for no deposit and require you to pay. Ayrex [read review] Trading competitions give you a chance to trade in real time and win real cash prizes of $ 100. The only thing you need to do is to register and trade with the given demo money. You are free to trade further with your prize money or withdraw it from your account.

Running three times a week, the 'Binary Blast' contest allows you to join in contests without any limitations. Do note that the rounds of the contests are held on three days - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 14:00 EET time.

A total of 8 winners are chosen based on the highest balance after the contest ends. The contest runs for 1 hour, and you just need to go to the Contest page to join the game.

Ayrex Binary Blast is a fair contest in which you are given the opportunity to make Read More

Get a $30 No Deposit Bonus for Ayrex
Posted by Cherokee on 01/06/2017
Claim Cashback with Every Trade and Earn Rewards

Claim Cashback with Every Trade and Earn Rewards

The UFX [read review] cashback program is a great offer in the world of Forex! Cashbacks are known to be awarded with each and every trade that has been made, along with re-deposit bonuses and numerous exciting opportunities.

Cashback programs offer a host of benefits. Some of the benefits include providing a spread of 4 pips (fixed) in currencies, including EURO and USD. Tighter fixed spreads are also available for premium and gold account holders.

The leverage too can't be more than 1:200 with the positions being open for one minute or more with scalping forbidden. Apart from that, 32 pairs of currencies, numerous stocks, indices, and commodities are also available for trading.

UFX accept a wide range of payment methods - Visa to MasterCard, Maestro to Neteller to Skrill. Furthermore, their customer service is available 24/7 and if you have any queries, you can either contact them by the online contact form or through Viber or Whatsapp. You can enjoy the cashback after ... Read More

Advantages of the UFX Cashback Program

UFX, the trading name of Reliantco Investments Ltd. is an investment firm located in Cyprus. It is authorized and regulated by the CySEC.
Posted by May Alexander on 01/06/2017