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Fixed Spread or ECN? Here's Comparison of the NSFX Accounts

If you're thinking about trading Forex, NSFX [read review] is a great place to start. They're regulated and have a good variety of trading tools to help you out. There are a number of methods for moving money on and off of your account, with few delays.

The big question you will have is, which account should I sign up for? New users can apply for MT4 Fixed, MT4 ECN, or JForex accounts. Each of these accounts has its benefits. This post should give you an idea of which is right for you.

The MT4 Fixed account is the most obvious choice. It has the lowest minimum deposit ($300), highest leverage, and no commissions on trades. Trades are executed instantly, and with fixed spreads you always know what you're going to get.

Fixed spreads, however, do have their downside. They don't change according to market conditions, and that can cost you a lot during major events. With variable spreads, as are offered on both the MT4 ECN and JForex accounts, you are trading Forex with other market participants. You are not trading against a "dealing desk", and Spreads are often non-existent.

The downside of variable spreads is the entry cost. Each trade includes a commission of $8 per lot. There is also a higher initial deposit requirement. $3000 for MT4 ECN and $5000 for JForex. Also, since you are trading in the marketplace, sometimes the other side of your trade isn't available and you have to wait for Market Execution.

In terms of the difference between MT4 ECN and JForex, it's mostly personal preference. These are 2 different trading platforms. Most of you probably know about MT4. JForex is newer and less known, but NSFX [read review] will give you a dedicated account manager to work with to figure it out.
Posted by May Alexander on 08/10/2017

Earn Cash-back Bonuses For Each of Your Trades

HighLow [read review] is one of the best places to trade Binary Options right now. The platform is incredible. It's easy to understand and executes very quickly. There is also the security of trading with a regulated company. Moving money on and off of the site is smooth and worry-free. On top of that, HighLow offer a great Cash-back bonus program.

Some of you might be skeptical when you read the word 'bonus'. Bonuses often can sometimes contain fine print that practically makes them worthless. The HighLow Cash-back bonus is not like that. It makes sense and certainly has value.

Here's how it works: Your account balance and Cash-back balance are separate. All binary options trades are executed through your account balance. When you win, the winnings are credited to your account balance. When you lose and have enough money to cover the loss in your Cash-back balance, those funds are automatically transferred into your account balance. So you're basically trading risk-free when there is money in your Cash-back balance!

There are several ways to earn Cash-back with HighLow [read review] .To start, they will credit all new accounts with $50 in Cash-back. No questions asked. Cash-back can also be earned through the points system, which awards users for reaching certain trading volumes. There are also regular promotions that will award users Cash-back.
Posted by May Alexander on 08/10/2017
Binary Trader Turns $201 into $16,657

Binary Trader Turns $201 into $16,657

The month of May had a lot of traders who made profit on the Ayrex [read review] binary platform, but there were three, in particular, that were able to stand out from the rest due to gaining the most profits: Yusri A. from Malaysia, Iman T. from Indonesia, and Marco P. from Italy. Nobody can deny that the binary options trading field is of high risk, but their success stories prove that meaningful rewards can come your way if you undertake the proper steps.

Best Increment

When it comes to who had the best increment in the binary trading arena, it was no other than Yusri. This trader's favorite asset was GBP/USD. The profit percentage gain of this trader was 8257%! He turned $201.00 into $16,657.00.

Fastest Growth

Iman had the most rapid growth. It all happened in just four days for this trader. The option type was short term, and the favorite asset was EUR/GBP. This trader turned $41.00 into $1,795.00. Quite incredible!

Biggest Outcome

Italy's trader, Marco, got the biggest outcome. He turned $9,418.00 into $27,125.00. This trader's rise happened quite fast. His favorite asset was EUR/USD.

Be Part of the Success!

You can definitely be part of the success, and thus, be one of the top traders of this month. With the stats that Ayrex [read review] provides, you can improve your trading strategies in order for you to profit even more than what you already are right now.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 06/22/2017

Join a Free Group Webinar and Learn More About Forex

XM [read review] is a member of Trading point group, it's a company that deals with forex trading internationally. Known for offering quality services to their wide range of clients in their vast trading services. They have decided to come up with an initiative on conducting webinars.

The Webinars details

They will be taught in 18 languages by 28 Webinar Instructors, within a period of 6 days. Each language will have different instructors and will be taught by various instructors at separate times, which will take place on 25th April 2017. It will be under instructions of Tradepedia at 17:00 (EEST), where they will teach individuals with interest in support identification and resistance points on your charts. Here you will learn what these points mean.

Being a company that has had significant success in the foreign exchange industry. You will be able to establish a strong foundation in technical analysis of markets. So that you access this webinar, you must register. First, by keying in all your personal information such as your name, email, location and phone number.

If interested in attending the webinars you should expect so much from the XM group. It's a renowned company, known for keeping the client's priorities first ... Read More

Click to Get an $30 Free for XM
Posted by on 04/19/2017
Binary Tournaments Allow You to Profit Big with a Minimal Investment

Binary Tournaments Allow You to Profit Big with a Minimal Investment

Join IQ Option [read review] for the best binary tournaments online! A tournament is a competition that takes place between traders. Every participant obtains a tournament account, which will contain the same amount. Complicated rules are nonexistent in these tournaments. The participant with the most money at the end is the one who wins! The best traders usually divide the prize pool among each other.

IQ have some tournaments where participants are allowed to reload their account balance by depositing original amount inreal money. The number of rebuys allowed, which are totaled and integrated to the prize pool, are unlimited when the current profit and balance from open positions are lesser than the starting balance.

When the tournament hasn't started yet, nothing will happento one's account until it does, but participants will still be visible in the list. Once the tournament begins, according to the balance on the participant's accounts, the list will adjust.

Participate in FREE tournaments at IQ Option [read review] with the chance to win real cash prizes!

If one ends up being awarded one of the prizes in the binary trading tournament, one's winnings would be credited to one's account once the tournament comes to an end. In most cases, this tends to occur instantly, but in some situations it can take a few minutes or up to an hour, which is not bad at all if one stops and thinks about how things in this aspect function in other types of tournaments.

This type of tournament is very simple to get the hang of, hence its popularity. In recent years, more people have decided to join, and it seems like this is not going to change anytime soon. Traders tend to have a great time while learning more about this field that keeps changing in different aspects. Get started now at IQ Option [read review] !
Posted by on 04/05/2017
Take Advantage of the SmartTrader Tools Package

Take Advantage of the SmartTrader Tools Package

SmartTrader tools package from Vantage FX [read review] bests nearly any advanced institutional trading platform in the market. It executes very fast and is a fully transparent trading tool. It has many advantages over the competition.

The Trading Tools

It has an alarm manager which will notify you all the market updates via SMS, pop-up or e-mail. The Market Manager feature allows you to personalize your market watch window with different options.

SmartTrader tool package also has features like correlation matrix and correlation trader which is so flexible and user-friendly. You can just see the correlation scores and patterns at one glance.

It also has Excel RTD link which allows you to use Excel rules for trading. Session map is integrated into the tool to know your location and shows upcoming calendar events.

How to Begin?

You can create a live account on Vantage FX [read review] with a minimum fund of $ 1000 and ... Read More

Learn More About SmartTrader Tools
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 02/28/2017
Get the MasterCard that Integrates with your Trading Account

Get the MasterCard that Integrates with your Trading Account

XTrade [read review] is now offering a Prepaid MasterCard that integrates seamlessly with their trading platform. It's a fast and convenient way for traders to utilize their earnings. With instant approval and cash prizes and gifts for members, this is a great credit card to have.

Through Xtrade's new card, members can access their funds any time and anywhere. This includes ATMs all over the globe. Read More

Get a $50 Free Bonus for Xtrade
Posted by May Alexander on 01/20/2017
Win Cash Prizes in These Free Binary Contests

Win Cash Prizes in These Free Binary Contests

Very few trading competitions ask for no deposit and require you to pay. Ayrex [read review] Trading competitions give you a chance to trade in real time and win real cash prizes of $ 100. The only thing you need to do is to register and trade with the given demo money. You are free to trade further with your prize money or withdraw it from your account.

Running three times a week, the 'Binary Blast' contest allows you to join in contests without any limitations. Do note that the rounds of the contests are held on three days - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 14:00 EET time.

A total of 8 winners are chosen based on the highest balance after the contest ends. The contest runs for 1 hour, and you just need to go to the Contest page to join the game.

Ayrex Binary Blast is a fair contest in which you are given the opportunity to make Read More

Get a $30 No Deposit Bonus for Ayrex
Posted by Cherokee on 01/06/2017
Claim Cashback with Every Trade and Earn Rewards

Claim Cashback with Every Trade and Earn Rewards

The UFX [read review] cashback program is a great offer in the world of Forex! Cashbacks are known to be awarded with each and every trade that has been made, along with re-deposit bonuses and numerous exciting opportunities.

Cashback programs offer a host of benefits. Some of the benefits include providing a spread of 4 pips (fixed) in currencies, including EURO and USD. Tighter fixed spreads are also available for premium and gold account holders.

The leverage too can't be more than 1:200 with the positions being open for one minute or more with scalping forbidden. Apart from that, 32 pairs of currencies, numerous stocks, indices, and commodities are also available for trading.

UFX accept a wide range of payment methods - Visa to MasterCard, Maestro to Neteller to Skrill. Furthermore, their customer service is available 24/7 and if you have any queries, you can either contact them by the online contact form or through Viber or Whatsapp. You can enjoy the cashback after ... Read More

Advantages of the UFX Cashback Program

UFX, the trading name of Reliantco Investments Ltd. is an investment firm located in Cyprus. It is authorized and regulated by the CySEC.
Posted by May Alexander on 01/06/2017

VPS Trading Has Many Advantages for Advanced Forex Traders

The XM MT4 VPS is the latest virtual private server that is gaining a lot of attention, as it has a couple of advantages that allow one to make the most of one's EAs and XM [read review] execution. It contains fibre connectivity, is accessible at any location, and is able to increase the speed of trades.

Easy to Use in Every Aspect

It is constructed with state of the art hardware, which is what helps it stand out from the other choices that are available on the market. It doesn't matter if you are a total professional or a total newbie in the field, because it can easily be downloaded and it's quite easy to utilize.

There are some individuals who can obtain this service 100% for free if certain criteria is met; if it is not met, you can still obtain it for a low monthly fee.

A+ for Excellence

Is it worth it? Yes, it certainly is because with it, your EAs will work non-stop at all times without the necessity of you having to monitor them, as well as without the necessity of having your computer on. We give it an A+ ... Read More

Get $30 Free when You Sign Up for XM
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 10/06/2016

The #1 Trading App in 20 Countries is IQ Option - Try it Free

The IQ Option [read review] trading app is available to use in over 40 countries around the globe. The mobile app can be found on the Apple Store for free. Sign up is easy and simple to get registered. It is also available for free on the Google App Store. The registration process is quick to do and sign up takes a little time to complete.

It is easy to get started trading on the Binary Option and can be done with as little as $10. Once the small amount of money is deposited in your account; you will be on your way to professional trading. Anyone can be a part of the trading business. It is designed for any individual who wants to begin trading or has been involved in the industry for years. The mobile app offers convenient customer support day or night. It is available seven days a week for all members. Withdrawal can be done at your convenience and there is no hidden fees or commissions ... Read More

Try the IQ Option Mobile App Free
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 08/09/2016

Investments During Olympics Will Get an Extra 15% Here

The sports season of Olympics is being celebrated by InstaForex with an offer of extra 15% bonus on deposits. The campaign will be running through the days of the games in Rio de Janeiro which happens to be from 5 to 21 August, 2016. The extra 15% will be added with the regular bonus of 30% making the total amount of incentive 45%. The offer is almost unbelievable so it better to hurry and reap the advantages before it is over.

Any InstaForex client can take part in the Olympics campaign provided he has already received the 30% Welcome bonus. The bonus amount will be determined based on the available balance of the account at the time of claiming. The bonus sum can be deposited in thetrading account during the duration of the campaign or with seven days of replenishment of deposit. The Olympic bonus can be used only once per client ... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 08/07/2016

Get Big Cashback Rewards with Every Trade at This Platform

Looking for a suitable online crowd-trading platform? Your search ends with Trade 360 that offers you Live Feed of trending market currents and lets you interact and trade with specialists and traders like yourself. You can invest as you want without any worries. The system helps you make profits and minute losses. You can even look at crowd funding to make your investments better.

And that's not all. Trade360 [read review] offers you CashBack on every trade that you make. This way, you make a guaranteed income, even while you invest. The CashBack works on a relative scale, where the higher you deposit, the more you gain. The CashBacks are great and all you need to do is to make a small investment to start. The returns are guaranteed and unlike many other similar programs out there, you can trade daily ... Read More

Learn How You Can Start with $50 Free for Trade360
Posted by on 07/31/2016
Free Weekly Binary Contests - Win Up To $10,000!

Free Weekly Binary Contests - Win Up To $10,000!

Although options trading is quite simple to do, don't get it confused - you need skill to make money using this medium. In truth, there are only two possible outcomes, losing or winning. But since payout averages anywhere from 70-80%, in order to be successful, you have to make the right decisions majority of the time to make a profit.

Things happen differently at Finpari. Although it is a genuine options trading platform and one of the more reputable ones, they offer something that makes them stand out from the competition. Finrally [read review] holds a contest very week that's based only on trading volume. It has twenty winners and the rankings are determined by how many trades are made. In other words, it doesn't matter if you win or lose your trades. All that matters is that you do trade.

There is no entry fee to enter the contest and every single Finpari client is eligible. Furthermore, the prizes are nothing to shake a stick at - top prize is 10,000 cash, 2nd place is $5,000, and third place takes home $3,000.

This weekly tournament of sorts is just one reason to do options trading on this site. Want to know more? Read More

Learn More About the Benefits of Trading Binary at Finpari
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 07/07/2016
Join the Largest Forex Tourney - $1M in Prizes, Free Entry

Join the Largest Forex Tourney - $1M in Prizes, Free Entry

It's time for XM's Forex World Championship - your chance to win from a total prize pool of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Are you prepared?

Where is it happening?
If you are one of the 10 lucky winners who make it to the final round, you get an all-expenses-paid trip to Thailand, where the Final Live Event will be held!

When does it start and end?
The first round began on the first of July. You can register for the second round TODAY and if the odds are in your favour, bag a front-row seat to the final event on 18th May 2017!

What are the prizes?
Each of the 10 qualifying rounds will distribute $50,000 among 90 winners. 5 from each round will make it to the semis, out of which the top ten get to fly to Thailand and win a share of $500,000!

How do you qualify?
Once you are an XM [read review] client, just register a contest nickname in the ... Read More

Sign Up at XM and Get $30 Free!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 07/05/2016
Claim 2 Binary Bonuses by Following these 3 Steps

Claim 2 Binary Bonuses by Following these 3 Steps

New Binary traders to [read review] can receive some amazing bonus offers right now! They only have to sign up for a binary account to claim a sterling pounds free bonus!

Signing up easy is the easiest of tasks; only a valid email address and a password is required. Traders have to agree to regulations touching on how to run the account and enjoy bonuses. Additionally, the first deposit of 100 Sterling pounds guarantees a "match" bonus of up to 100%. Traders deposit more than the $100 will enjoy a bonus of $3,750!

Benefits for participating in this promo include getting multiple binary trading formats; high/low and one touch formats. One will trading opportunities using forex, indices, equities and commodities. There are no fees charged for withdrawing funds as so long as it is after 60 days of trading. Only ... Read More

Claim £20 FREE for ETX Binary
Posted by May Alexander on 06/23/2016
Guarantee Your First Trade! This Platform with Refund You if You Lose

Guarantee Your First Trade! This Platform with Refund You if You Lose

First Free Trade offers you up to $120 refund on any loss of your first XTrade [read review] trade. You will receive 100% of any negative profit up to $120 of your first trade during the 10 day period after your first deposit.

First Deposit Bonus can earn you up to 60% of your deposit in a cash bonus. Depending on the level of your first deposit, and if you reach the required number of XPoints, one bonus deposit per household expires 30 days after the first deposit date.

Phone Verification Bonus gives you $20 cash bonus just to verify your phone number on your account. Simply login to your account go to options and choose phone verification, enter the SMS code sent to you and your bonus will instantly be credited to your account.

Account Verification Bonus can earn your $30 simply by verifying your account. Login to your account, make a deposit, go to account options and choose account verification, follow the instructions for sending the required documents to verify your account and you will receive a $30 cash bonus once ... Read More

Claim $50 in Extra Free Bonuses at XTrade
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 06/19/2016
This Summer, LCG Offers a Free Bonus for New Members

This Summer, LCG Offers a Free Bonus for New Members

London Capital Group has established itself as a trustworthy trading company for years after its registration in England and Wales. It has also proven itself able to handle the stiff competition on the web when it comes to attracting clients.

While many forex brokers require a minimum deposit for bonuses, LCG [read review] offers something that blows all of the other offers out of the water. They offer a free bonus for users who sign up. This offer is good for the summer. Therefore, you might want to sign up and take advantage of this opportunity. They also offer a high quality trading platform. You can build the skills and the experience in the Forex market in order to make some profitable trades.

You can sign up for an account by filling out a form on the top of the page. You will immediately have an account. You will then be contacted by a representative in with information on how to claim your free bonus. Then you can start making trades... Read More

Get the Link to the LCG Free Bonus
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 06/12/2016
New Binary Options Platform Offers $50 Free

New Binary Options Platform Offers $50 Free

At the moment, PWR Trade [read review] is offering a one-of-a-kind deal that has many people talking, including media outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. If you join, you will get $50.00 free. You can start trading with no financial risk. No deposit required!

This binary options promotion is occurring right now. The end date of it is yet to be announced, which is why every day more people are taking advantage of it. Everybody qualifies for this promotion. It doesn't matter if you are a pro or just starting out in the binary options field; PWR Trade [read review] was created with everybody in mind.

With this platform, one can utilize professional trading signals completely for free; one can trade stocks with 0 commission; one on one training from experts is available; anybody can be well on their way to making 87% profit in just 15 minutes.

Start Trading with $50 Risk Free!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 05/22/2016
FCA Regulated Platform Offers Security and a Top Rated Trading Platform

FCA Regulated Platform Offers Security and a Top Rated Trading Platform

Looking to learn from some of the best investment analyzers in the business such as Brenda Kelly and many others? Then London Capital Group better known as LCG is the best place for you to turn in order to get straight to the high-risk investment opportunities offered out there today. You will learn all about spread betting with a free eBook and videos on demand providing extensive resources for your next investment. This is great for those who love to seek a thrill in the financial world and are not afraid to take a risk. It is under the authority of the FCA which is why it is important to mention that it can be risky.

The time has never been better than to learn from the professionals in the field with current analysis. You never have to worry about it being old information because LCG [read review] strive to keep information updated for you to view and learn from. Subscribe today and you ... Read More

Claim a 10% Welcome Bonus at LCG
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 05/21/2016
Gain An Advantage With Three Hot Trading Indicators From HotForex

Gain An Advantage With Three Hot Trading Indicators From HotForex

There's great news for Hot Forex [read review] clients because Trading Central now offers you access to three great sets of trading indicators that will help you make the most out of every trading position to give you an advantage.

Here are a few helpful Trading Central Indicators which you can find by visiting the Trading Tolls section in myHotForex:

Risk Management Tools
Probabilistic Market Classifiers and Probabilistic Stops tools take uncertainty out of the decision-making process.

Indicator Lab
Develop your own trading systems and back-test your strategies with the indicator lab.

Alpha Generation Tools
Adaptive Candlesticks Indicator, Analyst Opinion Indicator, and Adaptive Divergence Convergence Signals help improve your investment returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

Your Trading Central indicators are easy to choose and download with a simple click the on "Trading Tools" icon when you sign in to your Hot Forex [read review] Client Area.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 03/24/2016
Free Forex Contests - Test Your Trading Skills & Win Cash Prizes

Free Forex Contests - Test Your Trading Skills & Win Cash Prizes

Forex traders everywhere - don't miss out on this opportunity! For absolutely zero risk, users of the XM [read review] Forex trading platform all have the chance to win anywhere between $5000 and $20,000 over the next month. Based entirely on how much you trade, you can be awarded five thousand dollars at the end of each week. The more you trade, the higher your chances of winning are. Entering the contest is as easy as creating an account over at XM and trading. The entire process is free and joining takes a matter of minutes, so what's ... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 02/18/2016
Test Your Binary Trading Skills Against Others and Win up to $2000

Test Your Binary Trading Skills Against Others and Win up to $2000

Option Trade [read review] is having a huge binary options contest called "Currency Wars". Currency Wars allows clients of OptionTrade to put their shrewd binary options trading tactics on display. A simple deposit of $200 into a new account makes every OptionTrade client eligible for this exciting "StarWars" trading contest.

The contest begins on January 18, 2016 and will end on March 18, 2016. Cash prizes will be given to the top five traders. The top five traders will receive the prizes listed below.

-First place trader will receive $2,000

-Second place trader will receive $1,000

-Third place trader will receive $500

-Fourth place trader will receive $300

-Fifth place trader will receive $200

Only clients of Option Trade [read review] can enter this binary options trading contest. Contestants are also required to deposit $200 in a new account. Rankings will be updated daily. This gives contestants an opportunity to see how well they ... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 02/04/2016

Trade With $20 Free For Verifying Your Number

XTrade [read review] has a free bonus offer that just takes your phone number to get! The $20 free Forex bonus offer is available now and you simply need to gain access to the bonus by verifying your account. Once you have logged in and receive a SMS text message with your $20 code.

When you verify your phone by logging into your account and selecting phone verification, you can then submit a phone number that is valid via a code received from an SMS message. You will then receive a $20 cash bonus, as long as you have 300 Xpoints. The cash bonus will then be credited to you via your equity and this can be used ... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 02/02/2016
Let the 'Currency Wars' Begin: Trading Contest Set to Pay Off Big

Let the 'Currency Wars' Begin: Trading Contest Set to Pay Off Big

Forget 'Star Wars'! Financial traders should head over to Hot Forex [read review] in order to participate in their Currency Wars contest instead. The contest will be held from January 1, 2016 to March 18, 2016. Participants can register from December 17, 2015 until March 18, 2016. From there, they will be on their way to six different high cash prizes out of an $80000 prize pool.

The $40000 first prize should be more than enough of an incentive for anyone to enter this trading competition. However, even the sixth prize is an impressive $2000, and the first three prizes are in the five figures. Traders are only going to need to come up with minimum deposits of $250 each in order to compete. New traders will need to open accounts with HotForex, but they won't have to do anything else. Everyone is going to have an equal chance in this trading competition from that point onward. After that, the trading competition just comes down to individual stamina, skill, and ... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/26/2015
Get Your Free eBook & Perfect Your Trading Strategy

Get Your Free eBook & Perfect Your Trading Strategy

UFX [read review] is an organization renowned among Forex traders of all types. Lately they are reeling in new traders from around the globe with their current promotion. The promotion in question gives visitors a free eBook all about Forex trading tips, tricks and strategies. Along with the eBook, readers are also given access to a 100% free demo Forex trading account with $10,000 to practice any strategies they pick up on in the eBook. Whether you're new to UFX or have been trading as long as it's been operating, the eBook and demo account are certainly great tools which everyone should take advantage of - the strategies within the book were designed by the experts.

To get in on the promotion just go to UFX [read review] fill out your email address (one which you regularly use) and your desired password to your free demo account. Upon doing so, you'll be granted access to said account along with ... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/24/2015
1000 Prizes Up For Grabs In 'New Year' Tournament

1000 Prizes Up For Grabs In 'New Year' Tournament - Forex News

IQ Option [read review] has recently started a promotion wherein users of their binary trading platform may win cash prizes, depending on how much they trade. The (roughly) $200k prize is to be split among 1000 people. The higher ranking traders will get a significantly larger portion of the prize money the those of a lower rank (the first place contestant will take home about 200 times as much as the last place contestant).

To take a crack at the competition, all you need to do is trade through their platform. IQ Option [read review] gives no way of knowing what other competitors are trading, meaning you'll have to trade as much as you can to climb the ranks and hope for the best.

The trades are all counted up on December 31 when the winners are picked. After winning, you'll be able to withdraw your prize funds immediately. To get started, head over ... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/21/2015
Forex Social Network Allows Traders to Connect All Over the World

Forex Social Network Allows Traders to Connect All Over the World

Hot Forex [read review] Social enables securities traders to connect with each other all over the world by building and owning portfolios, interact and exchange vital information about different markets. The services is online through HotForex. One is required to stay connected for any updates on information regarding the securities markets. Securities traders will track information about different markets with ease.

Securities traders are required to sign up for HF Social in the first place. Upon signing up, one is required to stay connected, build a working portfolio and strategies. Securities traders will keep track of successful traders, filtering them to meet their preferences. In addition, traders create and control their own portfolios via HF Social.

Security traders qualify to signing up for Hot Forex [read review] .Traders are however, advised to be careful and seek expert opinion before offering their commercial fixed deposits for trading. If in doubt, seek advice before exchanging any security. ... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/03/2015

Earn Loyalty Points on Every Trade

Every time you trade with your XM [read review] account, you are rewarded loyalty points, just like with a credit card. These points can be redeemed for credit bonuses or cash. The more you earn, the better your rewards become... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 11/13/2015
Join One of the Top VIP Programs in Options Trading

Join One of the Top VIP Programs in Options Trading

OptionsClick [read review] is offering traders the opportunity to get VIP accounts that are tailored to their needs. Traders will only need to register with a free account with OptionsClick in order to get all of these benefits. The customer service staff at OptionsClick can then help them decide on the exact VIP account that they want. These accounts will vary based on the trade value, amounts, and habits of the traders in question, and they have numerous additional benefits attached. ... Read More

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Posted by May Alexander on 10/29/2015
This Trading Platform is Giving a Jaguar Away!

This Trading Platform is Giving a Jaguar Away!

InstaForex is offering people a rare opportunity to actually win a spectacularJaguar F-Type. People could have been competing since October 27, 2014, and they have until October 31, 2016 to win. Competitors just need to deposit $1500 into their new trading accounts with InstaForex. They must then register on the contest page at the website. Everyone is equally likely to win. This is an exciting game of chance and a great bonus for Forex traders... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 10/27/2015
Win up to $4000 in the 'Fast and Glorious' Competition

Win up to $4000 in the 'Fast and Glorious' Competition - Forex News

Fast and Glorious is a competition at Hot Forex [read review] for registered traders. Registration begins from the 19th of August to 20th of November this year. While the competition starts on, 1st of September and ends on 20th of November. The traders will receive prizes according to rank one to six. The prizes are 4000 USD, 2500 USD, 1500 USD, 1000 USD, 600 USD and 400 USD from one to six respectively. To qualify, a trader must deposit over 100 USD to the competition platform with an allowance of creating more accounts also with not less than 100 USD ... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 10/11/2015
Trade Risk-Free? Learn About Protected Accounts

Trade Risk-Free? Learn About Protected Accounts

Traders who work with UFX can now get protected accounts. Their first trades through UFX [read review] will be risk-free trades as a result. Traders get five trades protected if they deposit 2,000 dollars or less. Traders get ten trades protected if they deposit 2,000 dollars or more. The personal trading consultants of UFX can give traders all of the information that they could need on this offer in order to make an informed decision. ... Read More

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Looking for the Lowest Spreads? Start Trading with a Zero Spread Account

Looking for the Lowest Spreads? Start Trading with a Zero Spread Account

People who are tired of the hidden costs and problems involved with online trading should consider opening a Hot Forex [read review] Zero Spread Account. It only takes a minimum deposit of $100 in order to get started, and from there, people will be on their way to more efficient trading. The system is transparent, the commissions involved are low, and the spreads have no markup attached. This is a great opportunity for all traders... Read More

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Trade Binary Options with a Demo Accounts, Real Account, or VIP Account

Trade Binary Options with a Demo Accounts, Real Account, or VIP Account

The trading accounts in IQ Option [read review] each have advantages. The best account to sign up for is the VIP account which has the minimum deposit of $1000. Among the advantages of the VIP account are 1 day withdrawal processing, personal managers, and a monthly trading analysis. Right behind it is the Real account which processes withdrawals in 3 days and has a minimum deposit of $10 to get started in trading. For beginners, there is the demo account for practicing... Read More

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Have a Mobile Phone? Get $30 Free

Have a Mobile Phone? Get $30 Free - Forex News

The no deposit bonus of $30 at XM [read review] is very convenient for new users and is very easy to get. All that is needed is for the user to open an account, click the claim bonus button and complete the process of SMS verification. Their account will have $30 credited instantly so that they can trade and make big profits. This reduces the risk factor for a lot of traders. They have more room to bring in the profits that they are hoping for... Read More

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Boost Your Trading Capital with This Welcome Bonus

Boost Your Trading Capital with This Welcome Bonus

ETX Capital [read review] is now offering a deposit bonus of up to 40% for new accounts. Take advantage of this bonus and make tons of profits from trading one of more than 5,000 pairs. With a leverage amount of 400:1, this makes it easier for people with very little capital to earn money from their trading accounts. They also have the option of adding an asset to an individual account as requested. Sign up today with this FCA approved broker and take advantage of this generous welcome deposit bonus ... Read More

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Users of This Binary Platform Have Enjoyed Fast Withdrawals

Users of This Binary Platform Have Enjoyed Fast Withdrawals

One of the top advantages with trading at Finrally [read review] is the fact that fast withdrawals are available. People will be able to get all of the money that they have earned within the hour, rather than having to wait for it, feeling like they're taking a risk. The website has full data protection and nonstop trading is also available on the weekends, in addition to the multi-lingual support option. Finpari offers a lot ... Read More

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Binary Grand Prix to be IQ Option's Biggest Tournament Yet

Binary Grand Prix to be IQ Option's Biggest Tournament Yet

IQ Option [read review] have been hosting binary options tournaments for about a year now. The concept is simple enough; all participants buy-in for a certain amount, then are given an equal amount of virtual currency to trade with over a set period of time. Whoever wins the most over the duration of the tournament is determined the winner.

To celebrate the debut of their new Formula Racing car, IQ is stepping it up a bit with their biggest tournament yet. The "Binary Grand-Prix will have a prize pool of $100,000 Read More

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Wize Option

Choose One of Four Outstanding Welcome Bonuses

Invest anywhere from $500 to $50,000 and Wize Option [read review] has a great welcome bonus offer for you. They cater to all levels, whether you are a novice to an expert at trading binary options. Deposit what you can afford to, and enjoy the fast-paced thrills of options trading.

The Starter Plan is for those looking to turn a little into a lot. Deposits of just $500 to $999 will grant the fewest benefits of the four plans, but still offers some very useful features. The 50% bonus is a great bankroll booster, which comes in handy when making multiple trades simultaneously.

The Standard Plan is for more serious traders who don't want to risk a lot. This is given for deposits of $1000 to $5000. The first trade you make here is insured, so if you lose up to $400, it will be returned to your account balance immediately.

The Silver Plan is the most popular plan at Wize Option [read review] .Depositors of $5001 to $10,000 will reap the benefits of this account. Get broker support and trading signals at any time. Also enjoy 3 insured trades and a bonus up to 100% - doubling your capital! The best feature might be 48 hour withdrawals, allowing you to move money on and off of your account with ease.

The Gold Plan is the highest level account here. This gives all of the benefits of Silver, plus more to depositors of at least $10,000. Get access to 5 insured trades up to $1500 each - a $7500 value! The bonus is upped to 150% and same day withdrawals or available during the week.

To learn more, contact us or sign up can contact your Wize Option [read review] broker today.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 05/26/2015
He Won a Lotus Just for Trading with this Platform

He Won a Lotus Just for Trading with this Platform

Trading CFDs successfully takes a lot of skill, or just following some good advice by your account manager. The rewards can be huge. One lucky UFX [read review] trader won more than just money; he won a new Lotus car for his efforts!

Watch the video to find out how this CFD trader won the grand prize in UFX's recent contest:

Don't miss your chance to win the next grand prize or claim your $10,000 sign up bonus. Get started with UFX [read review] today and start your trading experience.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 04/08/2015

$50 Free for Verifying Your Mobile Number - Forex News

Want free money to start trading at a top online CFD broker? Sign up at UFX [read review] and get $50 free just for verifying your mobile number!

Upon signing up you will be asked to submit your number. Then, just verify the text message they send you, and your account will be credited with $50 to trade with!

Visit UFX [read review] and sign up for your account today to get started.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 03/28/2015
FMTrader Launches New Binary Trading Platform

FMTrader Launches New Binary Trading Platform

Binary options is the most fast paced way to trade online. It's an ever-changing world anything can happen. Fortunes can be made in hours, and one second can mean the difference between a big profit and a big loss.

In this type of environment it is important to keep up with the latest software. FMTrader [read review] knows this well, and to keep up, they have updated to a new trading platform. The SpotOption2 platform provides faster trading with more options, such as CFD options.

Try the new FMTrader [read review] platform for yourself! Sign up for your account today.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 02/24/2015
Introducing Magnum Options; No Margins, Spreads or Hidden Fees

Introducing Magnum Options; No Margins, Spreads or Hidden Fees

When you sign up at Magnum Options [read review] you can get the most cash back from being a part of their platform that you can then feel good about the trading that you're doing. Earn up to a 100% welcome bonus, have returns up to 81%, trade stocks, indices, commodities and so on and have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer services when they are required. You do not have to feel lost when you're a part of this platform.

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X-Mas Special: Get Your First 3 Trades Risk-Free

X-Mas Special: Get Your First 3 Trades Risk-Free

NRGbinary [read review] is in a festive mood for the holiday season. Now until December 25 they are offering 3 risk-free trades to all new depositors! This promotion seems too good to be true, but it's not. Just make your deposit, and for your first 3 trades, if you lose, you get your money back! Read More

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100% Bonus with Low Limits (Exclusive!)

100% Bonus with Low Limits (Exclusive!)

A lot of Binary Options sites promise big bonus offers. A 100% match on your first deposit is not uncommon. But it is when you are depositing just $500 or less. At Zoom Trader [read review] you don't need to deposit €/£/$20,000 or more just to get the maximum 100% bonus. Deposit today and you can get a 100% match on a deposit of just €/£/$500! For deposits €/£/$499 or less, you get a 75% match. Enjoy the benefits of a great bonus without having to invest more than you can afford.. Read More

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Trading Binary with

Trading Binary with

Many people have varied opinions on trading with FTrade [read review] but one thing is for sure. Not only do they provide a fully comprehensive and easy to use platform, but they are able to provide you with an easy to get around trading section.

New to trading? No problem, they have guides that you can read to get more information on how to go about the trading process. This is one of the biggest benefits that people loved about the site. If you needed to learn anything, anything at all to maximize... Read More

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Posted by Carlos Daniel on 09/22/2014
InstaForex / Liverpool Partnership

InstaForex Partners with Liverpool FC

InstaForex [read review] and the legendary Liverpool FC football club have formed a partnership. With this, Insta becomes the first online Forex trading partner for the "Reds". The two year sponsorship will run until the end of the 2015/16 English Premier League season.

Anfield-based is currently ranked second of UK clubs. InstaForex [read review] will be offering their customers tickets to matches as part of the deal. Tickets are usually in high demand for the 5 time European Cup winners.

InstaForex [read review] is one of the most recognizable online Trading platforms, with over 200 offices all over the world. Customers can trade Forex, Commodities, Stocks and more, all right on the website.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 08/26/2014

Free Stock Gift Cards for Your Friends; $100 for YOU! - Forex News

eToro [read review] provides traders with a sensational bonus opportunity, simply for referring their friends to the site for all of their Forex Trading needs. All you have to do is choose from one of twenty incredibly popular stocks – from Facebook to American Express – that you would like to award your friend when referring him or her to eToro. The $20 gift card in the brand you choose will be delivered directly to your referred friend, while you receive $100 credit to your eToro account when they make their first deposit of $100 or more. There is no limit to this promotion, so the more friends you successfully refer, the more you will receive as a result!

Getting your friends to sign up for an account at eToro [read review] not only places money in your pocket, but it provides a sense of community to your trading platform. With the camaraderie and connections you make at eToro, you are able to enjoy a relaxed but confident approach to Forex Trading. Your informed approach to trading will be backed by the community resources you have created through networking, research and social trading that allows you to create a successful trading structure to invest within.

Enjoying the eToro [read review] platform is easier than ever, with live webinars, a training academy, online trading courses and the ever helpful eToropedia that delivers in depth information on all of your Forex trading questions. Logon today, and start referring your friends to the hottest Forex site on the market, so you can trade with bonus money today!

Gift card.jpg
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Lite Forex

Double Your Forex Trading Deposit Today!

If you are looking to ease your way into Forex Trading, Lite Forex [read review] delivers an exceptional promotional period that allows you to get double your first deposit, as well as additional percentage matches on additional deposits.

Getting to know the world of Forex Trading has never been easier, or more generous. At Lite Forex [read review] ,all you have to do is deposit $1000 or more into your trading account, and they will match it by 100% - doubling your margin.

New accounts will receive an additional 30% added to their account within 24 hours of signing up and adding at least $100 to their account. Going forward, all traders will receive an additional 40% bonus on any deposit made above $100, with no limit on the amount of bonuses that can be collected.

When you begin Forex Trading in any capacity at Lite Forex [read review] ,you will receive a generous refund of 1.5% on each trade placed, allowing you to benefit from your informed decisions. What’s more is that you can insure any trade over $500 up to 100%, which provides you with the freedom you need to trade properly and without worry.

Lite Forex [read review] delivers more than promotions, and provides the tools any Forex Trader needs to invest fully and properly in an online system that works. Simply peruse the site to understand the layout and user-friendly platform before choosing which promotional bonuses suit you. If you are having trouble deciding, customer service representatives are available to help steer you in the right direction!

Posted by Carlos Daniel on 03/23/2014

Get Up to $10,000 in Matching Deposit Cash Today! - Forex News

There is more to AvaTrade [read review] than a user friendly website, with clear and easy to understand Forex trading values. At Ava Trade, you can manage your assets with confidence by enjoying the initial promotions the site has to offer that help you become a better overall investor.

When you join AvaTrade [read review] you will receive new client bonus cash, tiered to your initial deposit level. Depositing $250 will land you a bonus of $125. From there, the bonuses continue as follows: Deposit $500 and receive a bonus of $250; $1000 to receive $500; $3000 to receive $1500; $5000 to receive $2000 and $10,000 to receive $3000. Should you deposit $50,000 into your AvaTrade [read review] account, you will receive a whopping $10,000 bonus to trade with as you see fit!

You can also begin trading with a free demo account, which will provide you with $100,000 virtual dollars that will allow you to manage the AvaTrade [read review] system without risk, while discovering which Forex trading options work for you.

Once you begin enjoying the easy trading at AvaTrade [read review] ,you can step up your investing game by joining the Ava Select program, which is available to qualifying investors with premium trading experience. The bonuses involved in this program include express withdrawals, marginal protection, customized trading terms and benefits, as well as exceptional educational tools that will allow you to excel in the Forex trading world going forward. Bonuses apply to new members and first time depositors initially, but AvaTrade [read review] is not shy about offering promotions year around to help their traders make the most of their assets, while enjoying the trading platform at the same time, so stay tuned to their network and enjoy the options!

Posted by Carlos Daniel on 03/17/2014
FBS Pro Demo Contest

Participate in a Demo Forex Trading Competition to Win Your Share of $1000!

If you have ever wanted to spread your trading wings, and understand exactly how to create your own success with a Forex trading account, now if the time. At FBS [read review] new members will receive $5 for free, simply for opening an account. Free money is always a great start, and glimpse at the finer things to come.

FBS [read review] also delivers a lucrative first deposit bonus match of 30% for all new members, giving you an extra $300 when you deposit $1000. It is the perfect way to test the site’s user-friendliness using free cash to get started.

Members can also take part in a free demo contest that allows the winners to receive real cash in their account, simply for being the best Forex trader on the site over a single month. Each participant will receive a demonstration account with $10,000. Over the month that follows, participants will use their own skills and strategies to increase their account’s bottom line, and win the prize for best Forex trader in the end. First place is $450, second is $250, third is $150 and fourth and fifth are $100 and $50, respectively. Even if you do not win, it gives you the opportunity to measure your trading skills against others who use the site.


Once you are in the Forex groove, and enjoying an increase in your account’s holdings, FBS [read review] provides the luxury of a MasterCard that will allow you to deposit and withdraw money directly from your FBS account, so you will never have to wait for a bank transfer to get the cash that belongs to you. The site also offers deposit insurance that helps protect their members’ investments, delivering positivity, professionalism and the opportunity to grow your wealth all on one site.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 03/09/2014

Drive Away in Your Dream Car at InstaForex

At InstaForex [read review] ,customers have access to more than a sensational variety of trading tools and top of the line information technology, they also have access to software produced by leading programmers, and the ability to drive away with some of the world’s most beautifully crafted automobiles as a result of their trading. Here is what is in store for you at InstaForex.

Each client of InstaForex [read review] who signs up for a trading account, and deposits a minimum of $1,500 into their account is eligible to enter the drawing for an elite, premium class Porsche Cayman! The campaign began on April 22, 2013 and will run through September 19, 2015 – giving you plenty of time to become a member and get entered on the official contest page.

Are you more of a Sports Lotus type of driver? Then you are in luck, as InstaForex [read review] is running a Sports Lotus is Your Trade Bonus campaign that began in 2012, and runs through June 27, 2014, which means you still have plenty of time to enter this sleek and sophisticated vehicle. All you have to do to drive away in the Lotus Evora is register for an account and deposit at least $1,000 into your account for trading purposes. If you are already a club member at InstaForex, your minimum deposit amount to quality is only $500.

Forex trading is a brilliant way to get on top of all the positive thing the market has to offer, including exquisite InstaForex [read review] promotions that involve winning an amazing Porche Cayman or Lotus Evora!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 03/01/2014

Forex Trading Pays Dividends with Exceptional Promotions!

When you become a member of the XM [read review] you can begin building your trading portfolio by participating in any XM contest arena and receiving $20 free! All profits are withdrawable, and the $20 credit is added automatically when you join one of the non-stop contests.

No matter which account type you open at XM [read review] ,you are eligible for a 30% bonus up to $10,000 on deposits beginning from $5 with no hidden terms, allowing you to become the trader you have always wanted to be. Finally, keeping your trading with XM [read review] will pay dividends in the form of a loyalty bonus of 30% up to $10,000.

This exceptional bonus is available for all subsequent deposits that follow your initial deposit, and is instant and automatic! This loyalty bonus is available for all account types, and requires as little as a $5 deposit to enjoy, with no hidden terms. With free seminars, real time tickers, and seemingly unlimited trading options, you can enjoy XM [read review] from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have an internet connection.

With all the tools you need to be a successful trader at your fingertips, you can enjoy quick access to building your investment account without stepping foot on the trading floor. Simply sign up for a new XM [read review] and enjoy the promotional bonuses that are not only available now, but that keep coming as the year moves on. Promotional emails are delivered in a timely fashion to all members so you can take advantage of the free cash you deserve for becoming a trader at XM [read review] !
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 02/25/2014
FBS 5 Year

FBS 5 Year Anniversary: Win Free Prizes

FBS [read review] is celebrating its 5 year anniversary in style. All this February, clients can win prizes as a part of the celebration. This ain't your average birthday; The total prize pool is worth over $100,000!

Prizes include:
* A royal Mediterranean cruise
* A trip to Marmaris Race week sailing regatta
* A trip to Monaco Grand-Prix
* iPad, iPhone 5, iPod, MacBook Pro
* A grand money prize

fbs 5 year prizes

It's easy to become eligible for one of these great prizes. Just log into your FBS [read review] account and leave your wishes, feedback, opinions, and why you love working with FBS. Winners will be chosen randomly, and there should be about a 1 in 5 chance of being chosen.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 02/04/2014
Trade Rush

TradeRush Offers 40% Insurance on Losses

Limited time offer! Trade Rush [read review] is offering 40% insurance on trades from now until February 1st. Trade today and if you win, you keep the profits, but if you lose, you get 40% of your investment back as a bonus.

To qualify for this offer, you must make a minimum investment of $600 at Trade Rush [read review] Then, place three trades of $200 each. As mentioned, if you win, keep it, if you lose, you get 40% of your losses back as a bonus.

Trade Rush [read review] is a leading binary options trading platform. Sign up now and get your insured trades.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 01/30/2014

Option Builder Allows You to Customize Your Option - Forex News

NRGbinary [read review] already makes binary options trading simple with its fast, easy to use platform and slick interface. Users can trade forex, stocks, and commodities with the click of a button, and are even refunded 10% on all losses. Now NRG is giving traders more control over their options with the all new Option Builder.

The Option Builder not only allows traders to choose the asset and investment amount, but also the expiry time and risk/profit ratio. This gives savvy traders a bigger edge than they will find at standard binary options sites. Th Option Builder is tailor-made for traders who value simplicity, but also want control over how their funds are invested.

nrg option builder

Sign up at NRGbinary [read review] today and try out the Option Builder platform!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 01/21/2014

Go BIG With XM's New $10,000 Bonus Offer

Look out high rollers. XM [read review] is increasing the limit on it's deposit bonus offer for a limited time only. Act now and get a 30% match bonus of up to $10,000!

XM [read review] is one of the most innovative CFD brokers online. Along with offering Mobile and Desktop trading through Metatrader, XM is also home to the Contest Arena. This revolutionary Forex platform allows you to compete against other traders for prize pools, similar to Sit 'n Go Poker style tournaments.

Zero fees, free tutorials, up to 888: leverage, XM really has it all. So why not go BIG with your first deposit? Sign up at XM [read review] and get started now.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/19/2013
24 Option

Free iPad Air For New Investors - Forex News

24 Option [read review] is offering new depositors an added bonus during this holiday season. Make your first investment now, and you can be trading on a new iPad Air by the new year!

24 option free ipad

To qualify for this fantastic gift, just sign up at 24 Option [read review] today. Once your account is approved, contact your account manager and ask about the Free iPad Air promotion. They will fill you in on the full details.

Get your binary options trading going now at 24 Option!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/17/2013

Special 150% Holiday Bonus at GTOptions

Make your first deposit during the holiday season at GToptions [read review] and you will receive and exclusive holiday bonus! Get a 150% match (up from the standard 100% match) this month only.

GT's binary platform is one of the best online. They offer original binary types like 30 seconds, 120 seconds, and pairs trading. You can earn up to 81% trading forex, commodities, stocks and indices.

gt xmas

This promotion is on for December only! Sign up at GToptions [read review] and make your first deposit today.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/12/2013

Santa is Coming to eToro

eToro [read review] is gearing up for the holiday season by offering you a great gift to all of its users. Invest in stocks with a free $50 gift card, with no deposit required! Users can trade with the popular social investment network without spending a dime of their own money.

etoro $50 free

To qualify for this promotion, users just need to connect their eToro [read review] account with their facebook account. This can be done with the click of a button.

This promotion is valid December 1, 2013 until January 5, 2014
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/03/2013

Introducing the XM Contest Arena - Forex News

XM [read review] is revolutionizing the way people trade forex with the new Contest Arena. Compete against other traders for prize pools anywhere from $25 to $10,000 and more. There are thousands of contests available now for a large variety of instruments.

If you are familiar with the Sit 'n Go and MTT tournaments on online poker, you will quickly understand the idea behind the contest arena. To sign up for a contest, you buy a ticket. About 10% of the ticket cost goes to XE, and the rest is put into a prize pool. After the contest meets its required registrants, it begins!

Contests range from 15 minutes to several weeks. After the duration of the contest is up, the winners are declared and rewarded their piece of the prize pool.

It's a revolutionary new way to play the markets! Sign up at XM [read review] today and have a go at the contest arena!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 11/04/2013
Plus 500

Plus500 Increases Leverage

Leverage has increased for all Plus 500 [read review] CFD products! Now shares can be traded with up to 1:20 leverage, forex up to 1:200, indices up to 1:200, commodities up to 1:100, and ETFs up to 1:20. You can score bigger wins than ever before on your next trade.

Leverage allows you to to trade large amounts of a financial instrument while only tying up a small amount of your capital. For example, a 20% margin means that for just $200 you could get the same exposure as a $2000 investment. This represents leverage of 20 times, or 20:1.

At Plus 500 [read review] you control the leverage for each trade you make. Be careful though, while there is potential for great rewards, you can also incur quick losses. Risk what you can afford and get started trading today at Plus500!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 10/17/2013

AvaTrade Boosts Sign-up Bonuses for October

Start trading with $1500 when you invest $1000 at AvaTrade [read review] today! During the month of October the CFD online broker is offering this and other great promotions to get you started out trading. Also get a 100% bonus on first deposits between $100 and $300!

Here is a chart explaining the AvaTrade bonus structure for October only:

Minimum Deposit / BONUS
$100-$300 / 100% BONUS
$1,000 / $500
$5,000 / $1,000
$20,000 / $2,500
$50,000 / $5,000

If you are not trading at AvaTrade [read review] yet, don't wait! These bonuses will expire at the end of the month.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 10/16/2013

Reserve a Free Seat to a Trading Seminar in London [read review] is gearing up for its next live trading seminar. On the 9th of November, 2013, sessions on successful trading strategies will be held at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel in London! Top forex trading experts like Bill Hubard, Chief Economist, will be there as speakers.

Attendees will benefit from a face-to-face VIP training session. They will also be given 3 months trading signals, a limited edition training kit, and free starter strategy. All of these learning tools are exclusive to those who attend the seminar.

You can reserve a free seat to the London Seminar now! Just visit [read review] and fill out the form. Seats are limited so register today.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 10/12/2013

InstaForex Sniper Weekly Free Contest

Take your best shot at InstaForex [read review] free weekly contest where you can win up to $500! InstaForex Sniper is a demo contest which pits traders against each other. At the end of the week, the top traders each win a piece of the $1500 prize pool.

At the start of each week, traders are given 10,000 play money to trade with. Any of the many assets you can trade at InstaForex [read review] are open for trading in this contest. Minimal trade volume is 0.01 lot.

insta sniper demo contest

Keep track of where you rank in on the leader board! Next contest begins on September 23, with weekly contests running throughout the year. Get on InstaForex [read review] and take aim at becoming the InstaForex Sniper!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 09/20/2013

XEMarkets Gold and Silver Demo Competition

This September get ready to enjoy an exciting free Forex competition at XM [read review] where all account holders are given $100,000 in virtual cash to participate in a gold and silver demo competition to win a prize pool of real cash!

XEMarkets has developed this free Forex competition that allows users to trade only gold and silver during the competition period of September 2, 2013 to September 30, 2013 for a chance to win real cash prizes in different prize pool tiers.

This XM [read review] gold and silver demo competition pays the top twenty traders at the end of the event, with first place taking home a whopping $2750 which will be deposited into the trader's account with the ability to be withdrawn at any time. Second place receives $1111 and third $750! Even fourth through ninth place doesn't walk away empty handed and is rewarded $458 with 11th -- 20th place taking home $240! What are you waiting for? It is free to enter; all you have to do is create an account and join in the trading frenzy starting September 2, 2013.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 08/22/2013

Insured Trades Through September - Forex News

LBinary [read review] is providing the opportunity to enjoy insured trades through the end of September 2013! All you have to do is deposit $500 or more into your binary options trading account, and receive three free trades that allow you to keep the money you win and provides a refund for those you lose!

Account holders, existing and new, can enjoy futures options and futures trading for free, up to three times with very few rules for success. To qualify for this amazing opportunity you simply have to deposit $500 or more into your LBinary account. Next, inform the broker of the trades you plan to use as "free" up to three, and make those trades for up to 20% of your deposit amount in order to have it reversed should you lose. If you win, you keep the money with zero restrictions on cash outs!

Now through the end of September, LBinary [read review] is providing its users with something no binary options trading provider does: trading insurance. So what are you waiting for? If you do not already have an account, get one today and test your strength in futures trading.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 07/25/2013
Trade Rush

TradeRush 50% Match Bonus - Today Only!

Today only Trade Rush [read review] is offers a 50% match on your deposits! Trade binary options for real cash and free money. Get $750 when you deposit $500, $1500 when you deposit $1000, and $3000 when you deposit $2000.

Trade Rush standard bonus is 20-40%, but today only your deposits will be matched 50%. Contact your affiliate manager at Trade Rush [read review] with code 50RUSH to activate this promotion!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 07/18/2013

Limited Time 100% Bonus at XE Markets

XM [read review] is increasing their standard 30% deposit bonus to a 100% deposit bonus, but only for a few days. This is not just for first deposits to the forex broker! For the rest of this month only, all deposits made will be matched 100%.

XE is one of the most popular European online forex brokers. They have a wide variety of trading software solutions available, making them one of the most accessible forex brokers online. Forex traders can install apps for their mobile and tablet devices, or instantly use web-based forex trading programs on their desktop.

xe markets 100 bonus

Sign up at XM [read review] and get in on this limited time forex bonus today! This forex promotion expires on May 31 so act now!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 05/27/2013
Trade Rush

Executive Investor Account Discounts - Forex News

Trade Rush [read review] is one of the web's top sites for binary options trading. The site offers a number of ways for you to take advantage of its binary platform, but its Executive Investor Account might be its most valuable offering. Right now is the perfect time to join because TradeRush is offering 50% off the cost of joining as an Executive Investor.

As an Executive account holder, you can take advantage of academy membership, expediated withdrawals, forex training and much more. This is a great way to gain an edge in the world of trading, and the site offers many educational resources to help you earn more. To take advantage of this offer, just mention the code EXEC50 to an account manager.

Now is a great time to join Trade Rush [read review] With an Executive Investor Account, you can get the most out of your trading activity. Just remember to mention the code EXEC50 when you sign up.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 05/10/2013

$300 No Deposit Bonus EUR/USD Competition

XM [read review] is giving out $300 free with no deposit required! All you have to do is predict the correct closing price of the EUR/USD this week, and if you're right a $300 bonus will be credited straight to your MT4 account.

All predictions must be posted on the XE Markets Facebook page by 13:00 GMT on Friday, April 19. Each user is allowed one prediction. To enter, just visit XM [read review] and make your prediction!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 04/17/2013
Lite Forex

New Non-Stop Bonus by LiteForex

The non-stop bonus from Lite Forex [read review] is an amazing new promotion. With it, you can receive a 30% bonus for depositing more than $100 into your account within 24 hours of its opening. You can also receive a 15% bonus for each subsequent deposit over $100.

Forex trading can give you the financial edge you need. Lite Forex gives you the tools you require, as well as a great head start. With this new promotion, you can earn tremendous amounts of extra money in a short period of time, just for making deposits.

The financial realities of the world demand that you diversify your income sources. That is why you should consider online forex trading. If you are unsure of how or where to begin, Lite Forex [read review] offers a great entry into forex and some wonderful promotions.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 04/16/2013

Registration Open for Latest FBS Pro Demo Contest

If you are ready to test your trading savvy in the real world, on someone else's virtual dime, look no further than the FBS Pro Demo Contest! The free Forex contest allows virtual traders to tout their trading mastery, in an effort to win real cash prizes, beginning with a $450 first prize!

Simply logon to FBS [read review] and locate the FBS Pro Demo Contest terms of conditions to proceed. Once you are up to speed on the official rules, sign up to participate for the $450 first prize. Each participant receives a demo account, loaded with $10,000 in virtual cash. You have until April 17th to register, so get on there now!

With 1:100 leverage applied to each user, the FBS free Forex contest encourages users to trade using their own techniques and strategies to accumulate the highest balance over a one month period. Whoever ends the contest with the highest balance will rake in a cool $450 first prize! The free Forex contest pays through fifth place, so what have you got to lose?

fbs pro

Sign up for the FBS Pro Demo contest today at FBS [read review]
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 04/04/2013

Free iPad Mini Bonus Offer

If you are interested in online stock trading, now is the perfect time to get involved. AvaTrade [read review] is offering a terrific forex promotion for new accounts. You can take advantage of some terrific bonuses that will be hard to resist.

If you open and fund a new account between now and March 31, 2013, you will receive a special bonus. An initial deposit of just $200 will earn you a bonus of $100. If you deposit $2,000, you can earn your choice of an iPad Mini or $500 in cash.

ipad mini

A number of other bonus tiers are also available, making right now the ideal time to get involved with AvaFX. Forex trading is a great way to earn extra money, and now you can earn a special bonus simply by signing up and funding a new account. Visit the AvaTrade [read review] website today to learn more.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 03/07/2013

Free Contest with $55,000 Prize Pool Starts in a Week - Forex News

The InstaForex [read review] Great Race 2013 is just one week away! You can win real money just by using your demo account to improve your trading skills. The first step in the great race starts on February 4th so log in and register today so you don't miss out.

For the past five years InstaForex [read review] has held the Great Race contest. This year the prize pool for demo accounts is $55,000. Since it is free to create a demo account, you can win with absolutely no risk.

The contest rules are simple. You are given $100,000 in your demo account to start. You can then trade Forex using the InstaForex [read review] platform. At the end of each month, users with the most profits are rewarded with prizes.

Don't miss your chance to improve your trading skills!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 01/29/2013

Sports Lotus Raffle At Instaforex

Forex trading is becoming popular, and sites like InstaForex [read review] have allowed individuals to take advantage of a number of great trading opportunities. The site is working to make itself even more appealing by offering a new promotion. From now until June 25, 2014, traders can give themselves chances to win an exciting sports Lotus car.

The minimum deposit for this promotion is $1,000. InstaForex [read review] Club members can enter by depositing at least $500. Campaign registration is also necessary.

A Lotus sports car is something that many traders have dreamed about. Now, they can use Instaforex to help realize their dreams. The Sports Lotus raffle is a great incentive for people to try their hand at forex trading with Instaforex.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 11/14/2012

October Forex Promotion At XE Markets

Starting on October 1, 2012, XM [read review] is offering an amazing bonus to all clients. This forex bonus gives clients a 50% bonus up to $1,000.

Any client who maintains an account with XM [read review] is eligible for this promotion. They will see all deposits supplemented with a wonderful 50% bonus throughout the course of the month. Deposits above $1,000 will be rewarded with a 10% bonus.

There are many places to engage in forex trading online, but savvy traders look for the best deals. XM [read review] offers wonderful opportunities for investors like this current promotion. Those who want to earn some extra money from their deposits need to act before the end of October.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 10/04/2012

Upcoming Free Webinars On XE Markets

These days, it is important to develop a number of income sources if you want to be successful. This is why so many people have decided to learn Forex through sites like XE Markets. XM [read review] is a wonderful resource for investors, and the site even offers free Forex webinars for interested parties.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can make profits through Forex, you should visit XM [read review] to find out more about their webinars. Presentations like Fibonacci Magic and Trend Indicators offer valuable advice that can help you understand Forex and maximize your earnings.

Signing up for the webinars on XM [read review] is easy. Simply go to the website's webinar page and select the webinar that you would like to participate in. Registration is effortless, but the information you receive can help you save a great deal of work in the future as you increase your bottom line.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 08/29/2012

eToro's New Trading Courses

If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines while everyone around you makes money in today's market, get onboard with eToro [read review] and improve your trading prowess with this new FREE course! These state-of-the-art video tutorials include modern trading techniques making their bold debut by way of eToro's newest creation: Learn & Trade software!

Learn & Trade is one of the exciting new trading courses that will replace the existing Matador software. The upgrade will provide eToro [read review] users with comprehensive lessons designed specifically towards their ability to trade and profit immediately. Current users can access this new course for free just by logging in with their eToro username and password.

eToro [read review] provides its users with trading advice, educational information and proprietary data that helps them make balanced decisions, while encouraging them to take calculated risks in an effort to profit quickly and efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the latest technology available through the new trading courses and video tutorials today!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 05/17/2012

The New Guru Finder From EToro

Everyone who is involved with online forex trading should become familiar with the new eToro [read review] Guru Finder. With this product, customers can use OpenBook to find the right guru quickly and easily. The Guru Finder is exactly the product you need to locate a guru to fit your specific needs.

When you are involved with online forex trading, there are many financial risks to consider, and it can be confusing for beginners. By using the Guru Finder, you can follow and copy the trading practices of expert traders. This product is designed to help users locate experts to follow, which ultimately helps them experience successful trading.

With this product from eToro [read review] , you can choose from one of three automatic settings for your search. There is also an advanced search option to create a customized search based on criteria that is important to you. You can click here to find the guru that meets your needs.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 03/16/2012
Lite Forex

New Top10Forex Competition

Any client of Lite Forex [read review] companies has the opportunity to take advantage of a special forex promotion. They have organized a new, exciting weekly competition. This competition will help identify beginners who show promise in trading.

If you are just starting out and you are confident in your trading strategies, you should consider taking part in the Lite Forex [read review] Top10Forex competition. It is easy to begin the process; you simply open a demo account. You will register within the website, and you can then begin to trade with currency pairs. Every week competition results will be summarized, and the ten individuals with the best trading results will be recognized.

In addition to the weekly recognition of successful trading skills, this forex promotion also allows contestants to win real money. The competition has a total prize fund of approximately $2500 monthly. The Top10Forex is a great way to earn recognition and money for smart trading. Sign up at Lite Forex [read review]
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 02/21/2012

Win $50 For Submitting Your Video - Forex News

Introducing the XM [read review] Best Home Video Contest. Just make a short video (maximum 20 seconds) where you explain what Trading Point means to you as a trader. For your efforts you will receive a $20-50 no deposit bonus!

XM [read review] asks you do the following in your video:

- Say your full name and origin clearly
- Speak in your native language
- State how long you have been with XM [read review]
- 1 video per person
- Deadline is March 2nd, 2012

tradingpoint contest

Sign up at XM [read review] and submit your video today!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 01/30/2012
Lite Forex

30% + 10% New Year's Bonus - Forex News

Lite Forex [read review] wants to make your Christmas and New Year more pleasant with a unique holiday promotion. Register a new account and deposit $100 and you will instantly receive a 30% match bonus! After that, any additional deposit will get a 10% match bonus.

This promotion will only last until January 14th. Any deposit you make after that will not apply. Sign up at Lite Forex [read review] and get started!

liteforex bonus offer
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/22/2011

Oil Prediction Contest - Win $100 - Forex News

XM [read review] is running a free promotion where you can win a $100! Predict today's closing price for oil before 20:00 GMT and if you're right, you will receive the credit bonus.

To participate sign up at XM [read review] and join the facebook page. You can make your prediction by posting on the wall.

trading point promo
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/09/2011
24 Option

Trade During the Weekend

Great news for all you weekend warrior traders! With 24 Option [read review] you can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don't need to wait for the markets to open, or put a stop to your action when they close.

24 Option [read review] allows you to trade a variety of assets from oil to forex to indices. They provide option trading so there are zero spreads and all accounts are commission free.

Open your 24 Option [read review] account now and receive a free Christmas gift!
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 12/05/2011

Get a 11% Bonus on 11-11-11

eToro [read review] has just announced a rare one day only promotion. Tomorrow, on November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11), you can receive an 11% match bonus on all of your deposits! The bonus is limited to $5000 per customer.

To get the bonus, log in to eToro [read review] and enter the promotion code "openbook11" when making your deposit. That's it!

etoro 11-11-11

Remember on 11-11-11 with eToro [read review]
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 11/10/2011
EZ Trader

Thanksgiving Bonus From EZTrader

EZ Trader [read review] is offering a big Thanksgiving promotion this month. In celebration of the American holiday they will match your deposit up to 70%! You can get up to $3500 in free bonus money through this promo.

eztrader say thanks

Deposit $400 get $75
Deposit $2500 get $1250
Deposit $5000 get $3500

Sign up at EZ Trader [read review] to take advantage of this offer
Posted by on 11/09/2011

New Deposit Options Available at Trading Point

XM [read review] is now offering its users more funding options. Western Union, MoneyGram and Liberty Reserve are now available as deposit options for the forex trading platform. Credit Card, Moneybookers and Neteller are already available.

When you deposit at XM [read review] you get 100% instant funding. You can therefore deposit and trade without having to wait.

trading point deposits

Sign up at XM [read review]
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 10/24/2011
24 Option

Make Your First Trade Risk-Free

Want try binary options trading without losing any money? For the next 7 days only, when you open a new account with 24 Option [read review] your first trade is 100% risk-free. Best of all, if you win, you take the profits!

This is a limited time offer so don't wait. Sign up at 24 Option [read review] and contact your account manager for all the details.

24 option risk free trade
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 10/24/2011

Copy More Pro Traders

The popular copy feature at eToro [read review] is now even better. Copy the trades of up to 10 pro traders at any one time, and invest up to $10,000 each! Before you were limited to only 5 trader copies.

To learn more about the eToro [read review] copy trader platform, watch the video below, or visit eToro [read review]

Posted by Carlos Daniel on 10/05/2011

Deposit Today & Get a Free iPad2 - Forex News

TraderXP [read review] is planning to give away a free iPad2 to every new depositor between now and September 20th. Act quick! Supplies are limited.

The iPad2 is Apple's popular new tablet. It's the perfect tool you can use to become a serious player on the binary options market, allowing you to trade anywhere, anytime.

For full details contact your TraderXP [read review] account manager.
Posted by Carlos Daniel on 09/16/2011